Bevelled Edge American Black Walnut Architrave

Product Code: ABWA003

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Bevelled Edge American Black Walnut Architrave

Product Code: ABWA003

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Architraves are supplied in a range of thicknesses, widths and lengths, unfinished, however a choice of finishes are available. Supplied in random lengths, typically from 2.4 to 3 metres.

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Material American Black Walnut
Profile Shape Bevelled
Lead Time Days 12

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From Excl. VAT: £8.31 From Incl. VAT: £9.97
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American Black Walnut Architrave

American Black Walnut can be a variety of shades from a lighter grey-brown to a much darker deep brown to light black. Typically, the grain for this is straight but can be wavy and bears a coarse texture. The slight difference in each piece of wood offers character and shows off its natural beauty; a favourite amongst many. Knots are extremely popular in this hard and tough wood. Both machines and hand tools work well with American Black Walnut making the process slightly easier as it has quite a tolerance to blunting. It can be finished with oil, lacquer, staining, or varnish. Perfect for skirtings, architraves, mouldings and specialist joinery. For internal use only.


Ordering architraves can be quite baffling when you have to try to envisage what it will look like from a web page! We have put together this ‘manual’ to help you get to grips with the measurements you require and how to order accurately.


All architraves have 3 dimensions that you will need to specify: height, depth and length. You will also need to choose a profile, which is the part of the board that is shaped for decorative purposes.


Height: this is how wide you want the architrave

Depth: this is how thick the architrave is coming away from your wall/door frame

Length: this will depend on the height and width of your door frame

Profile: a style that is chosen for your desired appearance

Please note that we can send samples out for you to look at before placing an order. If you need to match architraves to previous ones, please give us a call!


Here at Boardland, giving you the perfect finished product is our main goal. We offer a variety of finishes for softwood and hardwood. Please speak to us if you want advice or a further explanation!


If you choose your product to come unprimed, it will come to you as the raw product ready for you to finish as you require.


If you choose your product to have an oil finish, it will come richer in colour with a brighter finish. Oil isn’t the most durable so wouldn’t want to be used in busy areas or on a table/work surface, which requires more cleaning. The process consists of:

  1. The product is enriched with oil by hand, and then left to seep in.
  2. It is then lightly sanded to fill in any pores with the oil and wood dust to create a smoother finish.
  3. Quality checked by our QA manager.



If you choose your product to have a clear lacquer finish, it will come with a hard coating with a 30% sheen. This surface is very durable, perfect for lots of use. The process consists of:

  1. The product is sanded ready for polishing.
  2. It is wiped down and 2 coats of lacquer is applied.
  3. Then, it is lightly sanded, which breaks down the grain for a smooth finish.
  4. A further coat of lacquer is applied to seal and create the hard top.
  5. Quality checked by our QA manager.