FD30 Stredor Cherry Fire Doors

Product Code: DOOR205

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FD30 Stredor Cherry Fire Doors

Product Code: DOOR205

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FD30 Stredor Cherry Fire Doors

The Stredor FD30 44mm door core has a solid laminated timber core with premium beech veneered faces. This core is manufactured to close tolerances and can be cut to size; ideal for bespoke non-standard doors. A global assessment has been put into place to ensure that doors are resistant for a period of time in the event of a fire. The doors are available in large sizes and come with an extensive range of vision panels. The veneered faces are suitable for staining, lacquering, veneering, laminating and painting. This core is suitable for internal use only.

Here at Boardland, we offer a unique service to all our customers and can help you with your door requirements, whether you want it to include frames or linings, vision panels, glazing and Ironmongery. Prices displayed are for doors up to 2100mm high x 950mm wide. Larger doors can be supplied if required. Please contact us for a quotation at info@boardland.co.uk with any enquiries or phone us on 01933 449373.

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Veneer Species Crown Cut Cherry

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Excl. VAT: £242.36 Incl. VAT: £290.83
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FD30 Stredor Cherry Fire Doors

Our Stredor Cherry doors have a solid laminated timber core and Cherry veneer faces. They are then edged all round with 10mm thick Cherry lippings and pre-finished with 3 coats of AC Lacquer ready for site installation.


Available in Crown and Quarter cut.

Characteristics: Pink to reddish brown heartwood with blonde sapwood. Tight grain minimum early wood. Gum, pin knots and burls are prevalent. Figures are common and may include heavy patterns such as ropey, mottled, chevron, and flare.


Clear Lacquer

If you choose your product to have a clear lacquer finish, it will come with a hard coating with a 30% sheen. This surface is very durable, perfect for lots of use. The process consists of:

  1. The product is sanded ready for polishing.
  2. It is wiped down and 2 coats of lacquer is applied.
  3. Then, it is lightly sanded, which breaks down the grain for a smooth finish.
  4. A further coat of lacquer is applied to seal and create the hard top.
  5. Quality checked by our QA manager.