Laminate Non-Fire Rated Flamebreak

Product Code: DOOR071

Laminate Non-Fire Rated Flamebreak

Product Code: DOOR071

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Laminate Non-Fire Rated Flamebreak

The Flamebreak door core is made from lightweight engineered 3-layer hardwood for an extremely strong and stable door. They are available in 45mm and 55mm thick cores. This core is manufactured to close tolerances and can be cut to size; ideal for bespoke non-standard doors. A global assessment has been put into place to ensure that doors are resistant for a period of time in the event of a fire. The doors are available in large sizes and come with an extensive range of vision panels. Many different face finishes can be applied including Ply/MDF, kraft paper, veneer, lacquer and laminate. This core is for internal use only.

Here at Boardland, we offer a unique service to all our customers and can help you with your door requirements, whether you want it to include frames or linings, vision panels, glazing and Ironmongery. Prices displayed are for doors up to 2100mm high x 950mm wide. Larger doors can be supplied if required. Please contact us for a quotation at with any enquiries or phone us on 01933 449373.

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Excl. VAT: £403.00 Incl. VAT: £483.60
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Laminate Non-Fire Rated Flamebreak

Our Laminate Flamebreak doors are constructed using a tri-laminate hardwood core and either Ply or MDF faces. They are edged all round with 10mm thick Hardwood lippings and faced again with laminate.

We can laminate the door faces from our vast range of laminates supplied by leading manufacturers like Formica and Polyrey. You can choose from either laminated lippings (applied before laminate) or exposed lippings (applied after laminate).


Plywood is one of the most versatile and adaptable materials; it is extremely cost effective. It is a wooden board made from sticking multiple ‘plies’ together with glue to form a thicker board. The boards are alternated to reduce the risk of wood splitting, provide more stability, consistent strength across the board and reduces the shrinking of the wood.

Standard MDF

Standard MD is a multi-purpose MDF, made using superior wood and resins, with a high internal bond strength. It is very versatile and used extensively throughout the construction and joinery industries.